Magnum Pro Pumps, Industrial Calibration Pumps

Magnum Pro Calibration Pumps is an industry leader in cutting edge technology. Each Magnum Pro calibration pump uses our unique patented design, utilizing a Schrader valve instead of a needle valve, dual O-rings on all pistons as well as other enhancements. These innovations have earned our calibration pumps the reputation of being indestructible.

Why Magnum Pro Calibration Pumps?

  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 2 Year “Quibble-Free” Warranty
  • Used in over 2/3 of US Power Plants
  • 0 Reasons NOT To Try


“Very happy with the Magnum Pro Pump. It does what it was intended to do without any issue.”
Chris Barnes, Senva Inc, Beverton, OR
“Wow! It delivered as promised. Over 1 year later and still going strong.”
Dennis Warren, Dow Chemical, Croydon, PA
“I sent the Magnum Pro pump in for service and it was repaired without any issue or cost. The 2 year “quibble free” warranty is truly quibble free. They even paid to ship it back. Thank you East Hills Instruments.”
Kyle Warner, Spectra Energy, West Monroe, LA


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