Magnum Pro

Each Magnum Pro calibration pump uses our unique patented design, utilizing a Schrader valve instead of a needle valve, dual O-rings on all pistons as well as other enhancements. These innovations have earned our calibration pumps the reputation of being indestructible.
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“Very happy with the Magnum Pro Pump. It does what it was intended to do without any issue.” – Chris Barnes, Senva Inc, Beverton, OR.”

“Wow! It delivered as promised. Over 1 year later and still going strong.” – Dennis Warren, Dow Chemical, Croydon, PA.”

“I sent the Magnum Pro pump in for service and it was repaired without any issue or cost. The 2 year “quibble free” warranty is truly quibble free. They even paid to ship it back. Thank you East Hills Instruments.” – Kyle Warner, Spectra Energy, West Monroe, LA.”


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